Preparation for Body Work
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Here's the body without any preparation done to it yet.   
This is what happens if you don't take the duct tape off of the body when you first get your kit.  I received my kit in May of 2001 and I didn't remove the tape from it until November 2002!  It was a pain to remove all of the sticky stuff!
Here's a close up shot of some of the seams that I'm going to have to grind down.
These are some pictures that show the cutting of the gas filler tubing and installation of the LeMans gas cap.  It is a really nice piece of metal.  Take your time so you don't scratch it like I did!   (Nothing major...phew)  I'm planning on putting a notch on the gas cap so that the metal cover fits properly. 
Mounting the body wasn't too difficult.  My friend Curt helped me out.  The hard part is making it fit properly on the frame.  It took some grinding of excess fiberglass behind the drivers door latch area to make the body sit correctly.  Also aluminum needed to be trimmed properly. 
This is a picture of the infamous FFR hood hinge kit.  As advertised, it is difficult to fit properly to the contours of the hood.  I eneded up cutting off the hoop portion to prevent distortion of the hood.  I bonded and riveted the metal to the frame.
Completed hinge installation.  After hearing so many horror stories about the hinge, I was quite happy to finish this.  I think it works just fine.  I still need to glass the bottom of the hood to make it nice. 
Just like everyone said, the arms were off by quite a bit once I put the hood on the car.  I cut off the arms so that they could be rewelded in the right location.
Roy stopped by to weld the arms for me.