July-Sep 2003
June 2003:

Since I moved to DC I shifted my focus toward learning my new job and also getting my condo into shape.  I did absolutely no work on the car except for checking on the progress of the body at Gary's Customs.  I knew that once I left the area that it would be hard for me to finish off the car. 
Hurricane Isabel struck the eastern seaboard late September and caused a whole lot of damage to property.  Fortunately my place in DC didn't sustain any damage.  In fact I didn't even lose power the entire time.  I considered myself very lucky to fare that well.  Among other things this slowed down the progress on the vehicle.   Fortunately Gary's Customs didn't sustain too much damage and my baby was left unscathed.  It did push back his completion date for the body but it wasn't a big deal.  I waited this long already so another couple of weeks wouldn't matter. 
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