June 2003
June 2003:

What a busy month for the car and also for me.  In addition to trying to accelerate any work on the car, I was also preparing to move to DC.  Knowing that I wouldn't have a garage when I moved to DC, I had to get as much work done as possible.  I found storage in Newport News for both my car and some of the junk that I wasn't taking to DC.  The storage unit that I got unfortunately doesn't have any power so I'll have to get creative when it comes to doing some of the tasks required to finish the car. 

I didn't want to try and drive the go-kart from my house to the storage facility so I rented a trailer to bring it there.  Using Derrick's Pathfinder, we towed the go-kart about 3 miles to the storage facility.  Everything went smooth with the move and without incident.   I kept looking back every few minutes to see if my go-kart was still there! I breathed a sigh of relief once I got it there. 
I even got to drive the go kart around in the storage area.  Everything appeared to be working quite fine.  That was probably the longest that I drove that vehicle. One thing that I noticed about the way the foot box is constructed is how close the brake and gas pedal are.  I don't consider myself to have real big feet but I can't imagine being able to drive with big feet without doing some modifications to the pedal layout.  I'll probably do some of the modifications that people are doing by bending the pedals away from each other.


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