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I sold FFR 2717 to my good friend Roy in May 2010.   It was a little sad but I was getting tired of dragging the car up and down the eastern seaboard as I moved.  The car moved from Newport News, to DC, to Suffolk, to Tampa and then back up to Suffolk.  I didn't drag it to California in 2009 but kept it in storage.  The car is at least still "in the family" since I can always see it.  Roy is driving the heck out of it and has put in a few thousand miles on it (compared to the 200 or so miles that I did drive it).  I'm glad that the car has a good home and it is also nice that Roy is familar with the nuances of the car since he helped work on it during the build. 

Building the car was a great experience and accomplishment.  I learned a tremendous amount about working on cars in the process and would definitely do it again.  The new kits are probably even better constructed than the Mk II versions so I imagine that it would be even easier to construct.  It may be a few years before trying something like this again.  When my kids get older I may try to do a family project by building one of the new FFR hot rod kits.  To be continued......