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I had purchased some FMS distributor wires some time ago.  I finally got around to installing them after installing the throttle cable and clutch cable.  The distributor was removed when I was working on the engine so I also had to make sure that the #1 piston was at TDC when I reinstalled the distributor. 
I laid the wiring over the frame and began figuring out where the connectors went.  I didn't have any wiring diagram except the Chilton's manual so I was having a difficult time figuring out what went where. 
This is a picture before I started laying out all of the wiring. 
I used the Helms diagrams, trouble shooting guide and Chilton's manual to identify all of the conectors.
Since I decided to go with Autometer Gauges, I ordered a blank dash from FFR. 
These are the Autometer Gauges! 
Picture of the gauges installed in the dash.
I know this has nothing to do with wiring but I did this while taking a break from the wiring.  Painted the side pipes with 1400 C High Temp Paint from Autozone.
I even bought new exhaust hangars to mount the side pipes.