I originally used the list that Wade Chamberlain posted on his web site.  I ended up modifying his recommendations and a few others to come up with my own set up. 

I'll list all of the parts that I used so that someone can use this as a shopping list.  I recommend going to NAPA to buy most of your brake lines.  Their quality appears to be better than most other shops and they also have a better selection.

My setup uses the following parts:

1984 Ford Mustang Power Brake Master Cylinder
Summit Proportioning Valve

Here is what you need:

Preflared lines (all lines are 3/16" diameter):
(1)72" preflared line
(1)51" preflared line
(1)40" preflared line
(1)20" preflared line
(1)12" preflared line
(3) 8"   preflared lines

Adapters required
(1)  3/16" T-Adapter (3-way 3/16" female)
(3)  std 3/16" brake line coupler -- NAPA/Edelmann 302X3
(3)   7/16"-24 double flare (DF) to 3/8"-24 DF adapter -- NAPA/Edelmann 7818
(1)  ??? to 3/8" DF adapter (for the front hole on the MC)

(Quantities required are in parenthesis)

What to do:
1.  Connect the two adapters to the Master Cylinder.  There are two different size adapters for the MC.  Also connect the 7/16" to 3/8" adapters to the flexible hoses on the front disk brakes. 
2.   Run the 20" line from the MC along the 3/4" tube to the "T" adapter. 
3.   Run the 8" from the "T" to the left disk brake flexible hose.
4.   Run the 51" line from the "T" along the front of the X to the right side disk brake. 
5.  Attach the coupler and connect the 8" line to the left disk brake.
6.  Mount the proportioning valve under the bracket for the front steering rack bearing.  Mount this using 1/4" bolts.
7.  Run the 40" line from the rear drum brake mount along the back of the 2 X 3 and along the 4" round tube until it runs out. 
8.  Run the 8" line from the MC to the proportioning valve.
9.  Run the 72" from the 40" line coupler along the round tube and bend it under the proportioning valve.
10. Connect the 72" to the proportioning valve with the 12" line

NOTE:  Secure the lines with the clips after each step. 

I know the steps are brief, but I think this gives an idea of the order that I followed for this installation.  I work slowly so it took me about 8 hours total time.  A lot of the time was spent just measuring and analyzing how to do this (plus multiple trips to the store!).  If I had to do it again it would take me a fraction of the time.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.   Hope this helps.

Brake Lines Installation

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