I had to cut and reflare the hard fuel lines to make it fit.  The stainless steel lines from the engine were very hard to bend.  Be sure to bend them close to the clip that secures them so that they stay away from the headers.
Rolling Chasis
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Here's a picture of the rolling chasis.  I got the rims through Summit racing and the tires through Merchants.  These are 17" X  9" BBK Speedware rims on all four corners with BF Goodrich G-Force KDWS tires (245/45R17 in the front and 275/40R17s in the rear).  
Well I finally got the engine dropped into the car!  There were a lot of little things that I needed to accomplish before I was able to drop it in.  We actually did it with only two people.  Curt helped me out with dropping the engine in.  Thanks Curt!  It would have been easier with 3 or more people but still possible with two. I was extremely stoked that we got it in with minimal problems.
I painted the evaporative canister and mounted it after I got the fuel lines installed.
Be sure to drill and mount the remote oil filter before dropping the engine in. 
This is a picture of Forte's adjustable clutch quadrant.
I had to get a mass air bracket from a local garage that specializes in Mustangs.
Mount the metal strips to the fan using the provided screws.
The "ears" of the metal strips attach to the inside of the donor fan shroud.  Drill through the shroud and metal strips to mount the fan.  
The radiator is held at an angle with plastic ties until the body is mounted. 
Sent the driveshaft to a driveshaft repair company to have it shortened.  They did it for $85 which included new U-joints and paint.  I cut mine to 10.5". 
Installed a Moroso T-valve fitting on the upper radiator hose.  I purchased this from Summit Racing.  This allows me to fill the radiator from the top and from what I've read will make it much easier to bleed the system. 
I purchased 6' of 3/8 fuel hose to run between the T-filler cap and the radiator cap.  I used a little T-adapter to splice into the factory overflow hose. 
NOTE:  Be sure to drill the holes for the steering shaft cover prior to installing the engine.  It is next to impossible to drill these holes once the engine is in.