January 2001

January 10, 2001:  Returned to National Airport from Korea (via Hawaii) and drove back home to Newport News.

January 27, 2001: Spent most of today working on the web page while waiting for the carpet installers to finish my work office.  The web page is finally coming together after procrastinating for so long. 
Still researching the donor vehicle.  I am leaning towards the palletized donor route.  I don't mind diasembling the mustang but I don't want to deal with all of the excess stuff that I won't use.  
Pre January Highlights:

November 19, 2000:  Placed my order for FFR 2XXX.  Kit availability date is May 5, 2001.  Ordered body cutouts and the rear upper and lower control arms. I still need to amend my order to include catalytic converters and seat removal (plan to install aftermarket sets with a headrest). 

December 10, 2000:  Visited Wade Chamberlain in Warrenton, Virginia to see his FFR.  I was totally impressed with both the kit and the quality of his build.  He had just completed the wiring portion and was getting ready to fit the body onto the frame.  He spent several hours explaining to me some of the important details about building this car.  I learned more in that short time than hours of reading the FFR manual!  Thank you Wade for your help! 

December 12, 2000: Flew out of Andrews AFB bound for Korea. (via Hawaii, Guam, Japan)

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