October 2002
October 5,6:
There's an amazing amount of things that can distract you from working on your car.  Work of course is getting busy because it's "that" time of the year.  Went to watch ECU beat up on Army in Greenville, NC.  That was lots of fun.  Also got to watch the pros play golf at the Michelob Kingsmill tournament.  It was exciting to follow the pros and watch them crush the ball.  I got to follow Jacobson, Duvall and Pavin.    No work done on the car this weekend.  Not expecting to get much done this month, at least not for the next two weekends.

October 11-14:
Columbus Day weekend.  The Army gave Friday off to help extend the 3 day weekend.  Used it to go surfing in the blinding rainstorm that was hitting the area.  I could barely see!  Also went to DC this weekend.  Zero work on the car over this weekend. 

October 15-24:
Ran the Army 10 miler on Sunday.  Didn't hurt myself in the process nor was shot at by the sniper.  As predicted I didn't get much done on the car over the last two weekends.  This past week was more productive.  I ran into problems again with the electrical system not charging the battery (charge light didn't go off) over the past few weeks.  I troubleshooted the system according to the Chilton manual.  I replaced my alternator from Advanced Auto and that did the trick!
Spent some time fitting the rear cockpit wall.  I drilled the hole for the battery cutoff switch to pass through.  I also had to grind down some of the alumimum to make it fit on the driver's side.

TIME:  3 hours

October 26-27, 2002:
Big swell hit the east coast this weekend.  Went down to NC to go surfing on Saturday.  On Sunday I took the go kart out to test drive it again.  After adjustments to the idle and timing it is running nice.  I set the timing at a stock 10 deg of advance and idle at 700-800 RPM.  It fluctuates a little at idle but runs a heck of a lot smoother than it did before the adjustments.  My friend Derrick helped me out with some of the aluminum for the rear wall of the cockpit.  After more grinding of the aluminum and welding, it looks like it will fit just fine.   

TIME:  2 hours
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