December 2001
December 1-2, 2001:
Installed the headers this weekend.  As simple an operation as this may sound, there was still a bunch of grinding and modifying to get some of the accessories to work.  If you want to use the stock engine lift brackets, then you must grind them so that they fit around the larger header tubes.  You also need to grind the clamp for the oil dipstick tube to secure it proprly.  It doesn't seem like a big deal to leave the dipstick tube unattached but it is necessary to properly secure it so that the vibrations from the engine don't break it off (5.0 Mustang Projects).

December 3-7. 2001:
Viva Las Vegas!  Took a few days of leave to fly out to Vegas and meet my parents.  I got to gamble a little (still kept my shirt!) but more importantly I got to feast on some great food.  The seafood buffet at the Bellagio is incredible! 

December 8-14,2001:
It's the end of the semester and I have been super busy trying to finish up a project and to complete a take home final.  I spent all of the weekend working on these things.  No play time with the Cobra. 

December 15, 2001:
Worked on the donor control arms that Wade hooked me up with last month.  I had to make the same modification on these control arms that I did with the previous pair again.  After all of the work that I did for the previous pair, I decided to only paint the arms with spray paint.  I POR15'd the other set and that involved more effort than I wanted to put in for these.  I'll probably replace them later with the tubular sets from FFR anyway. 
It looks like that these are finally the correct control arms.  My excessive camber issue appears to be resolved! 


December 19, 2001:
Flew back to Hawaii for vacation! 

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