July 2002
Yet another month in which I haven't done much to the car.  I was still trying to figure out why  my starter wasn't working.  The starter problem returned again after I thought I fixed it with the heavier duty grounding cables.  In the process of troubleshooting the problem, I burnt out two starter solenoids.  I thought it would be a good idea to take a break from working on the car to do other things.  I was also doing a lot of travelling for work which meant a divestiture of effort on the car.

I did get to mount the side pipes on the vehicle after I painted them.  The exhaust hangers that I got from the donor were kind of old so they were starting to crack.  I ended up buying brand new exhaust hangers from the Ford dealership.  These worked great.  One piece of advice when cutting the rubber hangers, use a manual hacksaw.  I tried to use a cutoff wheel and my electric jigsaw to cut the original hangers.  These two processes started to melt the rubber because the blade is moving very fast against the rubber.  The maual hacksaw worked like a champ!

Total time this month: 4 hours

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