June 2002
June 9, 2002:
Spent the afternoon painting my side pipes.  I used the high temp (1200 C) type black paint that I bought from Autozone.  It's held up pretty good in the past on my catalytic converters.  I decided to wait to mount the side pipes back on again because the rubber exhaust hangers were kind of old and were starting to crack. I'll purchase some new ones from the Ford dealership.  Once the spray paint dried the side pipes looked really good!

June 11-14, 2002:
Spent the week in Carlisle Barracks attending a class.  Missed the car show this year but do plan to be there next year with my car. 

June 17, 2002:
Worked on some minor stuff like trying to get the gauges to work.  I had wired the wrong hot lead to the gauges so that's why they didn't work earlier.  Once I attached the correct wire to the gauges, they worked just fine.   I also adjusted the brakes and tightened up some of the bolts that I hadn't torqued down ealier. 

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