March 2002
March 1-2, 2002:
Installed the starter relay on to the car on Saturday.  I was trying to determine whether or not I had to ground the starter relay bracket to the frame.  I eventually found out through one of my references that I needed to ground it.  The electronic multimeter that I have is very useful to see whether or not parts are properly grounded.  I also received a copy of the wiring diagrams from Doug Huey from Florida.  Thank you very much Doug!
Played around with more of the wiring on Sunday.  I installed the front harness after I figured out where some of the wiring went.  Even with diagrams, playing with the wiring is like putting together a puzzle.  You sometimes just need to test fit the pieces to see if it will fit.  I also installed a few more of the wiring harness grounds.  I swear I'm getting closer to cranking this baby up.  At least that's what I've been telling everyone at work!  I'll probably feel much better once I get this thing started. 


March 7, 2002:
I spent this evening cutting out holes in the trunk aluminum to mount the remote battery terminals.  I used my drill and jig saw to accomplish this.  I had to get creative since there wasn't much room to manuever the saw.  The remote battery terminals are located next to where I mounted the fuel cutoff switch. 


March 9-10, 2002:
Got a lot done this weekend.  I finally installed the Moroso T-Filler that I purchased from Summit.  It comes in various diameters so if you plan on purchasing one it's the 1 1/4" to 1 1/4" diameter filler.  I also purchased some 3/8" fuel hose to connect the overflow from the filler to the one on the radiator.  I also used a T connector to splice into the factory overflow bottle.  Total cost for this setup was under $30.  A little cheaper than the Breeze setup.  
I spent a lot of time using the wiring diagram to lookup connectors.  I'm starting to feel more comfortable with the wiring harness since I am starting to learn what everything is.  I don't plan on cutting the wiring down until after I start the car.  The technique I used for labeling the harness was to use masking tape and write down the description along with the area of the wiring diagram it is referred to.  This will help make it easier to find on the diagram later when I do decide to cut the harness down.
I purchased an ignition switch from NAPA that has all of the normal connections of a factory ignition switch.  I used the electrical/vacuum troubleshooting book to wire this up.    


March 13, 2002:
Installed the emergency brake tonight.  I used my angle grinder with the cutoff wheel to make the modification that is described in the manual.  That is some thick steel!  I didn't have any problems getting the cables to fit through the holes on the frame.  Some people have had problems here because there are apparently different cable emergency brake cable lengths. 
I also hooked up the low oil sender to the oil pan.  I bought a new sending unit from the Ford dealership because it looked as though the old one wasn't going to accept the wiring.  I removed the sensor (still no oil in the engine yet) and figured out how the wiring connected to it.  I'm glad I didn't open the package for the sender because now I can return it (saves me $27!).  After getting that installed I finally filled the engine with oil.

TIME TONIGHT:  2 hours

March 14, 2002:
Actually tried to start the engine tonight.  The starter worked which was a good sign but the fuel pump wasn't whirring.  I eventually tracked down the problem.  There wasn't a fuel pump relay installed on the wiring harness! 


March 15, 2002:
IT LIVES!!!!!!   I started the car for the first time tonight.  I picked up a fuel pump relay at the Ford dealership and plugged it in.  When I turned the ignition on I heard the fuel pump kick on so I knew that was a good sign.  After several tries the car turned over with a loud roar.  It actually made me jump!  I ran the car a second time for about 10 seconds and I noticed the idle was a bit high.  I also realized that coolant was leaking from someplace on the engine.  Regardless I was absolutely thrilled to hear it start!

March 16, 2002:
Adjusted the accelerator cable today.  In the build manual, it talks about bending the tab behind the accelerator pedal to allow the throttle to close properly.  Well, I hadn't done that which resulted in the high idle.  I also located the source of the coolant leak.  I hadn't torqued down the bolts for the throttle body properly.  I guess I had forgotten to do it.  That stopped the leak. 
The battery had been sitting for over a year so it was having a hard time turning the engine over.  I removed it from the vehicle and took it to Advanced Auto to get it recharged.   For some reason the starter isn't engaging the flywheel properly which results in a horrible sound.  I need to find out what the problem is.  

March 28 - April 01, 2002:
Went to Colorado for leave.  Had a great time visiting friends and family.  Got to snowboard at both Eldora and Breckenridge.   

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