September 2001
September 1-3, 2001: 
Labor Day weekend.  Didn't do much work this weekend.  Nate and Kelly came down from NoVA to hang out.  It rained most of the day on Saturday so I took them to tour Ft Monroe.  On Sunday we went down to the beach to hang out. 
I did get to work on the brake components on Sunday.  I cleaned up the brackets for the front and rear flexible brake lines.  I also mounted those brackets to the frame.  I did bend some brake lines for the front brakes.  I'm using preflared lines from NAPA.  I'll put together a comprehensive list in the "References" section of this site to show how I set up the brakes and also the parts required. 

TIME:  8 hours

September 3-7, 2001:
Started the fall semester this week. I'm taking two classes at ODU which leaves me just one more class until I get my masters!  This means less time with the project but it is definitely worth the effort. 

September 8,9, 2001:
Finished my brake lines!  I'm having some problems posting the pictures for some reason.  I think they look great and I am also very proud of myself in the way they came out.  I looked at several build sites to get ideas on where to install the Summit proportioning valve.  I originally was going to mount it under the master cylinder on the 3/4" tube like I saw on one build site.  I later found one where they installed it under the bracket that holds the steering shaft.  I thought that was a great idea.  It's out of the way and it also is a much more secure location.  The other benefit of mounting it where I did was that the running of the brake line to the rear comes out cleaner.  This setup also ensures that there will be no problems with the headers passing through the open space by the F panels.  
The key to a successful brake line installation is planning ahead.  It becomes a lot easier by thinking through the routing and measuring distances.  Here's a link to the brake line reference tips.
I took a break on Saturday evening and stopped by Heritage Square in Newport News to see the weekly classic car line up.  WOW!  There are a lot of nice cars in my area.  Lots of beautiful old vettes, and other muscle cars.  I also got to meet Sean Westmoreland.  He is planning on building a FFR sometime in the future.   Keep the dream alive Sean!
I also bent my fuel lines on Sunday.  I'm going to find a plumber or someone who owns a double flarer and pay them to do it for me.  I really don't feel like buying a $40 flarer and experiment for hours only to do 4 double flares! 

TIME: 10 hours

September 11, 2001:
A tragic and sad day for America.  Whoever did this may have won this battle but they will not win the war.

September 27, 2001:
Haven't done too much to the car over the last couple of weeks.  Between work, school and other social events I haven't put much time into the build.  Some of the little things that I did accomplish include removing many of the accessories from the engine block and cleaning those parts.  I also ordered rims which arrived two days ago.  I ordered 17X9 BBK Speedware rims from Summit.  Those things are wide!  I'm getting tires locally so that I can get a free alignment check later.  I plan to put some 275/R40/17 BFG G-Forces on the rear and 245/R40/17 in the front.

TIME:  4 hours

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