Lessons Learned
1.  Be sure to reference either Cobra Forum or FFCobra prior to undertaking any major actions.  There is a wealth of information available and many of the mistakes that I made along the way could have been prevented.  Just remember that there may be more than one way to accomplish the same task. 

2.  There are certain parts and pieces that should be mandatory purchases with the kit:
Flaming River Manual Steering Rack
Adjustable clutch quadrant
Russ Thompson/Tri States aftermarket gas pedal
John Liseman Alignment widgets

3.  Be sure to drill everything that you need drilled in the engine compartment before dropping the engine in.  It is easy to overlook or forget to drill certain areas (e.g. steering shaft cover, remote oil, grounding areas).  It will become extremely difficult to drill some of these areas with the engine installed.

4.  If I had to do it over again I would have paid FFR to powder coat the frame or gotten it painted by them.  It really was a pain to clean up and paint the frame myself.  I hear that they have improved their paint significantly.

5.  Be sure to remove all of the duct tape from the body when you first get your kit home.  I didn't try and remove the tape until over a year later and it was difficult to remove the adhesive.

6.  I think I should have let someone cut down the wiring harness for me.  This took up a lot of time. 

7.  Learn to weld.

8.  Start with good donor parts from a reputable supplier.  (Unless you tear apart the donor car yourself)  Also, to make the build easier, start with a 5.0 MANUAL donor.

9.  Be neat with your wiring.  Tape up loose connectors or stray wires to prevent any shorts.

10.  Everything takes twice as long and will typically cost more than you expect it to!


They say that the lessons that you remember the best are the ones that you learn the hard way.  I hope to impart some of my experiences so that others may avoid the same pitfalls that I have.  Some of these lessons may seem like common sense looking back at them but as they say "hind sight is 20/20."