March 2001
March 7, 2001: 
  Located a vehicle rental company in the area that will let me rent a truck for a weekend.  I plan to go up to Pennsylvania later this month to pick up the parts. 

March 19, 2001:
Decided against going through Bill Fox in Pennsylvania to get my donor parts.  Contacted Indy Mustang in Indiana and purchased my donor parts.  The parts are coming out of a 1990 mustang with 87,000 miles on it.  I decided to not have the engine rebuilt as I may modify it (stroke!) later. 
Although the car is an automatic, he will send me all of the needed components including a T-5 transmission.  One of the advantages for me with this donor is that I'll have a 3.27 rearend as opposed to a 2.73.  I was going to pay to have 3.55 gears installed but since I can get a 3.27, I won't bother. 
The parts should arrive around the first week of April by truck.  That is the other benefit of going through Indy Mustang: I don't have to pick up the parts myself and rent my own truck.

March 31, 2001:
Finally got around to putting together the engine hoist.  I actually purchased it two weeks ago but it was missing some parts.  I contacted the company and they promptly mailed it to me.  I also put together the engine stand. 
I did some more organizing of the garage.  I'm ready to start work on preparing the donor parts when they arrive.  The parts are supposed to come in later this week. 
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